Steel Industry Lubricants 


Custom Solutions for Longer Grease Life to Increase Equipment Efficiencies

The harsh environment of the steel-making process is demanding on production machinery. High temperatures, high loads / shock loads, water intrusions and abrasive dust are all obstacles in the steel-making process that make choosing the right lubricant critical. A comprehensive lubrication strategy will keep machinery functioning without interruption or unexpected downtime.

DT Industrials’ Research and Development team can identify lubrication breakdown in your process and customize a lubrication program to optimize operating conditions and improve key performance indicators. DT Industrials offers products for your most critical processes such as pelletizing / sintering, steel melting shops, continuous casting and hot and cold roll milling. Our steel lubrication products include: a calcium sultanate lubricant, Interplex and a polyurea lubricant, Uniplex, along with others designed to fit the needs of each client.   

Benefits of our steel lubrication solutions:

  • Reduce lubricant consumption 

  • Decrease Inventory & Waste management costs 

  • Extend the service life of roller bearings & other component parts 

  • Decrease the risk and frequency of unscheduled downtime

  • Reduce the frequency of preventative maintenance 

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