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AISTech 2021

Nashville, TN USA

May 6-9, 2020

Continuous Casting Segment Bearings

The maintenance team saves 100,000 USD in spare parts and gets back 40 hours of productivity. Click below to read the full success story. 


While we all are facing difficult situations that change on a daily basis, DT Industrials remains open. As the industries we supply and their supply chains have been recognized as essential businesses. Click below to read the full press release. 

Steel Industry & Specialized Lubrication

Why are specialized lubricants needed for the steel industry? Steel is the most popular building material in the world due to its unique combination of durability, workability, and cost. According to the World Steel Association more than 1.8 billion tons of steel were produced in 2018 alone. Click below to read more about the need for specialty lubricants. 

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